Options Pregnancy Resource Centers

Over the years we’ve served literally hundreds of patients in the Albany and Corvallis communities—people just like you. Here are just a few examples.

Sarah, age 19

"The information given to me was very helpful and my client advocate made sure I was headed in the right direction."

Kat, age 20

“Talking with a client advocate put me at ease and made me feel comfortable… Coming in today was a very good thing.”

Becky, age 16

“The staff at Options showed me kindness and understanding. I feel like they’re my family. Thank you very much!”

Tara, age 21

"It was wonderful being able to talk to someone without judgment."

Emily, age 22

"I appreciated help from my client advocate in dealing with my stress and helping me make plans for the future. Options has very good understanding people."

Amanda, age 24

"You helped me when I needed it the most. The Center is a very peaceful place. The environment is welcoming. Thank you."

Robin, age 17

"The care was very compassionate. I didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable at all."

Rebeka, age 22

"I was very nervous upon arrival. My client advocate really helped to calm me down. My experience was pleasant."

I need:

  • A pregnancy test (or pregnancy confirmation)
  • Someone to talk with about my options
  • Other
  • Client confidentiality: In an effort to protect individual identities, the names and/or photos of clients may have been changed.

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