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How much do your services cost?

All of our services are 100% free, including a pregnancy test (with immediate results), information on options, some medical services, as well as local doctor and community referrals.
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How long is an appointment, and what should I expect?

Appointments typically last about 30-45 minutes, and you are free to bring a support person with you. There are no fees or insurance paperwork involved. During your visit you'll meet with a trained peer counselor who genuinely cares about your needs.

What are my options if I'm pregnant?

We'll discuss with you the options of parenting, adoption, and abortion—including procedures and risks—in a supportive, caring environment. Everything we do is focused on empowering you to make a well-informed decision.

Do you provide abortions?

We do not provide or refer for abortion services. We do, however, provide accurate information about abortion procedures and the risks involved. We invite you to schedule an appointment today to discuss all your options and receive a free pregnancy test. You may find that you don’t need an abortion.

Do you give referrals for adoption agencies?

Yes, there are several adoption agencies to which we can refer you. We also provide referrals for local resources including housing and material assistance (maternity and baby supplies). Contact us for more information.

Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just walk in?

While an appointment guarantees we’ll be able to help you when you arrive, we welcome your visit without an appointment. We will assist you as soon as we are able. If you wish to make an appointment, click here.

Is my appointment private? Will you tell anyone I'm coming?

Our staff and volunteers are trained in patient confidentiality, and your appointment—as well as all contact with our center—will remain private. For example, if we call to confirm your appointment our caller ID will display "anonymous" to shield others from knowing that we called.

I need:

  • A pregnancy test (or pregnancy confirmation)
  • Someone to talk with about my options
  • Other
  • Client confidentiality: In an effort to protect individual identities, the names and/or photos of clients may have been changed.

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