Pregnancy Counseling and Information Centers

We offer a variety of free, confidential services including:

  • Pregnancy test (with immediate results)
  • Information on all your options including parenting, adoption, and abortion.
  • Local physician and community referrals
  • Material assistance (maternity and baby clothing and supplies)
  • Clients

    “You were very easy to talk to.”

    "The center was confidential and very helpful with information and assistance."

    Client confidentiality: In an effort to protect individual identities, the names and/or photos of clients may have been changed.

    User responsibility: Nothing on this website should be interpreted as a recommendation for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always talk with a qualified health service provider prior to starting any new treatment or to get answers to questions regarding a medical condition, including pregnancy. Close is a low-cost and effective tool for Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) to better connect online with those experiencing unplanned or unwanted pregnancies.

    If you represent a PRC that provides confidential pregnancy-related services free of charge to clients in the United States, click here to learn more about joining the network. Close