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Join the network today! is a unique and effective tool for Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) like yours to better connect online with those experiencing unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. We’d like to help you, so you can continue to serve and support them.

Benefits for your PRC

Joining the network gives you a high-quality, professional website that’s focused exclusively on your target audience. Additional benefits include:

  • Easy, quick setup
    We’ve already taken care of the design, photography, and most of the copywriting, so your website can be ready in just a few days. Our friendly staff will help you customize pages with your logo and other information specific to your PRC. Click here to view a sample PRC website.

  • Free Facebook advertising
    A portion of the monthly fees goes directly back to your organization in the form of paid advertising on Facebook for your community. We handle this for you at no extra charge.

  • Free promotional resources
    Shortly after joining you’ll receive a package with promotional items including pencils and sticky notes—perfect for giving to potential clients. Additionally, all member PRCs have access to professionally-designed advertising templates and artwork for promoting your center’s website in local newspapers and bulletin boards.

  • Much more than just a website
    Being a member of the network allows PRCs all around the country to collectively promote a single website destination. This allows women to find the help they need in their own local communities. PRCs have a shared mission—we’re in this together.


How much does it cost?

Joining the network is one of the most affordable, cost-effective ways for your PRC to reach new clients online. The cost is only $40 per month, and you’ll receive the first month free when paying annually. There is also a one-time $100 initial fee to set up and customize your new website.


What if we already have a website?

We believe that every PRC should have two websites: One for talking with donors, and one for talking with clients. To be most effective, the two should not be combined. Now, if you already have a professional-quality website dedicated to reaching clients we’d love to list your center in our directory. The cost is only $20 per month to promote your existing website, including free Facebook advertising and other benefits listed above.

Or, if you’d rather switch to a fully functioning website (here’s an example) but keep your current domain name (e.g., you can do that, too. You’ll just need to redirect visitors of your domain to your new website address. 


Who can join? exists to serve non-profit PRCs that provide free, confidential information, community referals and other pregnancy-related services. If your PRC is located in the United States and does not provide abortion services or referrals to abortion providers, you are invited to join us.


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Client confidentiality: In an effort to protect individual identities, the names and/or photos of clients may have been changed.

User responsibility: Nothing on this website should be interpreted as a recommendation for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always talk with a qualified health service provider prior to starting any new treatment or to get answers to questions regarding a medical condition, including pregnancy. Close is a low-cost and effective tool for Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) to better connect online with those experiencing unplanned or unwanted pregnancies.

If you represent a PRC that provides confidential pregnancy-related services free of charge to clients in the United States, click here to learn more about joining the network. Close